Wedding Dress Boxes

We are delighted to be stocking wedding dress boxes by The Empty Box Company.  They are the most beautiful romantic boxes that you will find and are extremely sturdy. The boxes are hand covered and finished using interior design papers, ribbon and lace; perfect for preserving your dress of a lifetime.

If your wedding is abroad the travel boxes are perfect!  Wedding Travel Boxes come with a cord handle, that holds the lid in place as you carry, plus plenty of acid free tissue and packing instructions. Our sturdy boxes protect the dress from any untoward accidents whilst travelling, such as bumps. scrapes, humidity changes, spillage and squashing. They are made by hand, and are very robust to provide sufficient protection on your journey, and are then suitable to store and preserve your wedding dress after the wedding. Go for the best to protect your dress!

The Wedding Dress Boxes and Storage Boxes are available in over 80 different design colours.  We have a selection of travel boxes available to see in our Dundee boutique.

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